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About Weblite Websites

This is where you get to know just how different we are!
Weblite Websites is a trading association name for a project partnership between Somerset Web Services and specialist marketing company, White Knight Marketing. This association grew organically as the two companies found they had many shared clients. Gradually the companies identified a very distinct and uncatered for group of businesses that they both felt needed a different offering; one that combined marketing and web development in the most fundamental way but that was still affordable. Together they designed the offering that sits under Weblite Websites.

What makes us different?

Weblite Websites bring you a unique combination of skills brought together to help smaller companies who would like a professional web presence but have a limited budget; and we have worked with hundreds of companies who wear this hat!

    These are companies who have often tried to build their own websites and invested a lot of their own personal time into creating a site that isn’t working well for them
    They are businesses that are good at what they do – but not good at telling others!
    They are businesses who have tired of trying to get their website noticed in the search engines and now just want someone to make it happen for them
    They are businesses we like working with!

Why Choose Us


We have extensive experience - we have gathered people with all the right knowledge to support you.


We value each, and every, client. Service means a lot to us!


We create websites using the latest technologies to ensure the best experience. We understand what works.