When collaboration has a big impact!

When collaboration has a big impact!

Thinking big, collaboratively!

As a marketing company I come across many companies whose websites are simply, not working for them. They have sometimes spent a lot of their own time trying to build a site or they have used a templated platform such as Weebly, Wix or Vistaprint. The initial website build seems cheap until they realise that to achieve anything they need to buy the Add-ons, typically the SEO module is first and they have to pay to have advertising removed.

Before they know it they are paying quite a bit per month, with no direct support, relying on forums and emails to the hosting company’s support team who are usually based overseas in a different time zone, for an answer. Many hours can be eaten up this way and whilst they are doing this, they are not actively growing their business!

At White Knight we work with many companies helping them to develop their website and to get their copy into shape. We then hand over the technical stuff to the web developers, helping with design as and when. As the volume of companies we work with have grown, it became clear that we needed to create a collaboration with a good web developer to create a new product for smaller or start-up clients, so they didn’t end up in this vicious cycle. A collaboration with Somerset Web Services was born!

It was a simple choice for us; we had worked with the company for many years and their outward customer facing approach is important. We wanted to be able to TALK to the developers, not send endless emails!

The collaboration began organically as they too identified the need for marketing specialists who could help their clients with copy and SEO work. It became obvious that our collaboration would benefit both companies and even better, our individual client base.

After trying out a few ways to help companies at a realistic price, we created Weblite Websites. We are quite excited about this concept and from the moment we began mentioning it casually, so are our clients.

We think this collaboration will have a huge impact for a lot of small companies that need big thinking support.