Taunton company director shares message of Ukrainian colleague Oleksii. who is now fighting and trying to save refugees in Kyiv

By Antonio Scancariello @ascanca91
Digital Reporter

A TAUNTON businesswoman is sharing a video message of a Ukrainian work colleague who is now fighting in the war and trying to save refugees.

Pam Knight, of White Knight Marketing, is sharing a message sent to her by her colleague Oleksii, a father-of-two who works in IT.
Oleksii, who is the CEO of a company that works with White Knight Marketing, has been collaborating with Pam for several years, creating online platforms for the company.
Pam said: “They have carried on working throughout the war. This video shows they are ordinary people and now they are volunteer soldiers. He’s been trying to get refugees out of there and in the middle of all this he is still working as the CEO of a busy business. He tells me they are tired but determined.

“They are running out of money for petrol to evacuate people in vehicles. There are so many ways to donate to Ukraine to help them now - and as Oleksii says every donation could save a life and keep a family together… He sent this video to me to explain what is happening.
“Many local businesses are on the website platform that they have created. The world is very small, and we are all more interconnected than we know. Many Ukrainians are now without work and any income, by supporting companies like this one we can help to support the Ukraine. Oleskii has asked that his message be shared.”